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All the information is connected to each other in a complicated way, and each one is going to progress organically.
Is it no longer an era when it can be said that there is no one that exists alone in a closed state?
In contemporary times, Blue Planet-works Inc. wants to offer our technology to a wider world, not just using it alone in the cyber security world. Connected World, such as the sharing economy, IoT, etc. that will expand in the future.
We provide a foundation for security, safety and trust in information of people and people, things and things, and people and things.
Given the ever-evolving world in which we live it is difficult to ignore the rest of the other opportunities presented to us aside from the immediate issues we address such as security and safety. Blue Planet-works, Inc thinks it is important to take a holistic approach when looking at the digital world as well as the rest of the world.
We aim to become a company that will help society.

A rich world centered on people. What Blue Planet-works Inc. is aiming for is such a world.

September 2017
Chief Executive Officer Hiroshi Nakata